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Safety Planning With Indigenous Women

Community Action Campaign to Prevent Women Abuse in the Indigenous Community

The Speak Out: Stop Sex Trafficking campaign includes resources intended for service providers, caregivers, organizations and communities. The resources aim to help raise awareness and prevent sex trafficking through information sharing and discussion.

Find out more about human trafficking

Resources for service providers and communities

You can download the following campaign materials here or order printed copies through Publications Ontario free of charge.

1. Behind the Screen – Safety in Cyberspace


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2. Breaking the Cycle – of Violence & Abuse for Indigenous Men/Boys



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3. Life Teachings – The Seven Grandfathers


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4. Life Teachings – The Thirteen Grandmother Moons


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5. Protecting Indigenous Women & Girls from Violence


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6. Respect Life – Safe Gun Handling


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7. Safety Planning for Indigenous Women – Getting to the Other Side


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8. Sexual Violence – Addressing it Through Your Work – Tracking Institutional Process (T.I.P.)


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9. Two Spirit – Indigenous People – Building Inclusive Communities


Two Spirit

10. What Does Violence Look Like – A Guide for Indigenous Women & Girls