Why Become a Member

Aboriginal Shelters of Ontario was created by and for those who work frontline with Indigenous families experiencing violence and dysfunction in their homes.   The leadership of ASOO are shelter directors from Aboriginal-mandated shelters in Ontario, so we know the frontline experiences. We know the injustices. We understand the frustrations and tears that come with this job.  We are a non-political organization that works to create resources to support the important work that you do in your communities.

Membership with ASOO offers you support; through resource-sharing, training, creating supportive networks across the province, and offering an opportunity to engage with professionals who can support you in the complex challenges that we know you encounter. As a central organization, we can also move forward on grander projects that would benefit all Indigenous-mandated shelters and all Indigenous families across the province. ASOO strives to reduce the need to take a piecemeal approach to addressing some of the bigger problems that affect each Indigenous-mandated shelter.

Key Objectives of ASOO Training include:

  • Development of singular Data Management System
  • Development of a website that unifies sites
  • Written and Oral communication skills
  • Development of a unified reporting system
  • Mental Health Act
  • Human Resources Training

To become a successful Organization in achieving our goals to reduce Family Violence in Indigenous Communities, we need you to a become a member, please join us in our quest to end violence against our Indigenous women and children.

Types of Memberships


Voting Membership at ASOO is available to those agencies that are specifically mandated to provide family violence prevention and intervention services to Indigenous families. Your membership and active participation in the work completed at ASOO will be imperative in creating resources and ensuring that a supportive network across the province is developed.

Associate Member

An associate member will not vote or be entitled to sit on the board of directors, but their membership in the organization is crucial. Associate members are mainstream or non-mandated shelters that see and acknowledge the over-representation of Indigenous families in Ontario’s shelters and are choosing to be an active part of the solution through partnerships, education and resource development. 

How to Become a Member

We (ASOO) are an incorporated body and the first non-profit in Ontario incorporated poised to provided coordination, training, research and support to shelters in Ontario with a mandate to service Indigenous families as well as Organizations that provide family violence related services.
Membership for the Organization will cost $125.00 and will include access to online tools and resources, voting privileges at the AGM and access to all training events developed, executed and evaluated by the Organization.

As an Indigenous Organization, ASOO intends on recruiting Indigenous Mandated Organizations that are working to reduce Family Violence in Aboriginal communities and are of Aboriginal descent, however ASOO is also accepting members that are not of Aboriginal descent but are mandated Aboriginal family violence prevention Organizations. There are two types of memberships, both cost the same to join and include all the trainings offered except the Associate membership is non-voting group.

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